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Sikh wedding in Arriba by the Sea Portugal

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Arriba by the Sea welcomed this spring a Sikh wedding in Portugal. The venue perfectly accommodated this unique destination wedding by the Sea in Portugal. With an incredible and customized wedding ceremony in the outdoor large balcony facing the sea. Family and friends witnessed the lovely couple Harpreet and James share vows for life in a Sikh wedding ritual according to the tradition of the brides' religion.

Due to the couple's different religions they decided to arrive together to the wedding venue. For their welcoming in their arrival the music was ready as also family and friends were prepared to dance the Bhangra dance as part of the Baraat ceremony. Following their entrance the Milni ritual was performed, this part of the tradition ritual is mostly preformed by man where the priest takes the lead and mediates. As each member of the baraat is introduced, the bride’s side offers them a garland and a warm hug. The following part of the wedding ceremony ritual is the Anand Karaj means ‘Blissful Union’. This ceremony took place in the large outdoor balcony facing the sea where the Guru Granth Sahib had is place of prominence, where the marriage ceremony took place.

The bride and the groom sit side-by-side facing the ocean and the Guru Granth Sahib. The wedding ceremony started with the couple and their parents standing up to offer Ardaas to ‘Waheguru’, after which singing of Shabads or hymns is done. The Amritdhari Sikh explained to the couple the significance of the marriage, the duties that each need to perform within the sacred relationship, and the general idea of leading a pious life according to Sikh tenets. The couple bowed down before the Guru Granth Sahib.

After this the father of the bride placed a saffron coloured scarf on the groom’s shoulder and the other end of the same on his daughter’s hand. The Lavaan Pheras which conducted the marriage ceremony recited the four Lavaa or stanzas from the Guru Granth Sahib. After the completion of the reading the first stanza, the couple stands up from their seats and slowly walks around the Guru Granth Sahib in clockwise direction, with the groom leading the bride. After completion of the round they when back to their positions but remain standing for the remaining three hymns. The process of circumambulation is repeated three more times after each Lavaa. The raagis sing the Lavaas in the background while the couple performs the Pheras.

The final step for the Sikh wedding ceremony was the Anand Sahib, the raagis sung out the hymns of Anand Sahib. An Ardaas was offered as an indication that the wedding ceremony was completed. A Hymn from the Guru Granth Sahib was recited while Khatah Prasad was distributed among all the wedding guests.

After the religious ceremony the wedding families and friends were served a delightfull wedding cocktail by the sea with cocktails and cold drinks, indian delicacies and vegetarian canapes. The moment was seized by the Arriba by the Sea swimming pool area with private access to the beach.

When the sunset started to make is entrace the wedding guests were invited to enter the wedding reception in the big saloon in Arriba by the Sea wedding venue. The wedding reception was designed and decorated with the brides vision in mind, where Lisbon Wedding Planner assisted and made sure that every single detail was in place and according to the plan. The room decoration was very elegant and spohisticated, using two main colors - gold and white. The gold was present from the chairs, to the glasses and cutllery. White was present in the napkins, wedding menus, but the main attention was towards the beautifull and simple tall wedding centrepieces all made with the lovely babybreath flowers. The wedding catering was provided by the inhouse professional catering - Casa do Marques.

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