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Mixing Shabby Vintage Rustic and Farm at the Quinta My Vintage Wedding in Portugal

Updated: May 28, 2020

Mixing Shabby Vintage Rustic and Farm at the Quinta My Vintage Wedding in Portugal: a lot of couples around the globe are searching for that ideal wedding venue for their shabby vintage rustic and farm wedding. In case you didn’t know yet, in Portugal, you’ll find The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal, which is a good treasure to discover, being the very first wedding vintage villa in the country along with a pure rustic and vintage feeling in each detail. Located in Sintra Mountains and known to be one of the best wedding destinations, this place is sought after for its love stories and enchanted woods.

The Quinta is an untouched and charming wedding venue in one of the beautiful regions of the Sintra. This astonishing wedding venue in Portugal lies on a hill towards the great Atlantic Ocean. You are aware that The Quinta is a centenary estate wedding destination for friends and family. Along with magnificent views and only 10 minutes way thru car from Adraga beach, this is a multifaceted venue, which has accommodation for around 20 guests. It is also equipped with an outside swimming pool, while in the main building, one can set up their wedding reception, the wedding cocktail, wedding cake cutting ceremony and even after wedding party. Every wedding can be set up in the garden outside along with the amenities, which your wedding needs. With the help of a professional team of professional wedding planners, you can rest assured to have your wedding dream come true.

Thanks to its mild weather, the venue is perfect for relaxing vacations. Apart from that, it's also an ideal venue for locations along with amazing beaches nearby and many things to see and do in the vicinity. Apart from that, the country itself is considered and famous for its great cuisine with superb local wines and a wide selection of fresh seafood and fish.

How to Plan Your Wedding

To assist you with the whole wedding planning, The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal will provide you a team of skilled and professional event planners in the field, which will be at your service for anything you might need throughout the process. With them, expected a personalized service for your event, apart from that, their goal is to guarantee your creative ideas and vision are brought into life in the most stunning ways.

This venue has 9 bedrooms that can accommodate around twenty people for the special use of you and your guests. Plus, there’s no need for you to book rooms in hotels or arrange the transportation, as they got you covered!

The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal provides a wide selection of packages tailored to your preferences and needs. They are also equipped with an amazing team of wedding planners, which is managed by Claudia Gameiro. The whole team will manage to work with your selected color scheme and theme and will style the whole venue for you in the most stunning and beautiful way.

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